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For the most part, the band member biographies are not yet available, but the web developers will be bugging the band members about this!

In the meantime, we have hacked Jimmie's old MySpace profile for a brief Bio on him. ;-)

Silver City is:

Denny Clark

Brian Harter

Randy Harter

Jimmie Johansen, Jr.


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Hi! My name's Jim (Jimmie) Johansen. I've been a member of Silver City Rock N' Roll Band since November 1975.

As far as my history of playing in bands, in 1969, I was in a group (at 16 yrs. old) called Shades of Doubt. We opened for Steppenwolf in Harrisburg (PA) and The Jefferson Airplane at the Allentown Fair Grounds (PA). The bass player was Denny Clark who later founded Chicken Clarks Road Apple Rodeo (a country act).

Shades of Doubt broke up when the other members went off to college. In 1972 Randy Harter (Lead Guitarist & Vocals for Silver City) and I were in a band called Elvis Davis Band. Eventually, all the original members quit only to turn around wanting to get back together, and, on top of that they wanted their name back.

Consequently we went through a series of changes including changing the name to SILVER. In November 1975, Brian Harter (drummer and Randy's younger brother) and Al Cox (bass player) joined from the band City Line. That's when we became SILVER CITY.

Besides playing the usual venues, SILVER CITY has been the opening act for Tommy James and the Shondells , The Shirelles , Blues Image ( Ride Captain Ride ) , Sugarloaf (Don't Call Us We'll Call You ) and Wolf Man Jack (who's advice to us was "quit showbiz , its a lousy way to make a living").

Al Cox retired from the band in 1995. A couple of bass players later, Denny Clark was able to rejoin us and has been adding steady bass playing and vocals to the band ever since.

As for me personally, I was classically trained on the piano for 8 years. Playing the other instruments has come naturally for me. My favorite saying is," I hate music, but I love ROCK N' ROLL."

Besides going into the studio recording, another highlight, and I suppose facet, of me is that I was published in "After Touch" a Yamaha user's group publication for the DX7 sounds.

Other than that, I keep pretty busy! My brother, Phil (also a musician), and I own and operate a music store called, MARKET STREET MUSIC in Mechanicsburg, PA. And for a short while in the 1980's, I went around to colleges and univertities playing a solo act called, Jimmie Jet & The Tail Section (as well as playing with Silver City). I also have a full-time job.


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