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“When I first saw Silver City in 1986, I was totally blown away by their sound and by the way they moved the crowd! That night everybody was dancing! They’re dynamic to say the least! Awesome! When you see them in action you can only be impressed by the way they rock n’ roll - a style all their own! This is a group of musicians who know their stuff for sure!” - (fan quote)

The band known and respected today as Silver City Rock N’ Roll Band is formed by a group of talented musicians, some of which have been playing professionally for over 35 years.

Founding member, Jim “Jimmie” Johansen (vocalist, keyboards, guitar & harmonica) began playing professionally in 1969 with a band called SHADES OF DOUBT. During that time, Jimmie and the group warmed up audiences for rock icons such as Steppenwolf in Harrisburg, PA and The Jefferson Airplane at the Allentown Fairgrounds in Allentown, PA.

Upon the split of SHADES OF DOUBT, Jimmie and Randy Harter (guitarist) teamed up in a band called THE ELVIS DAVIS BAND. In 1972 the original members broke up only to reunite again and retook the name.

Consequently, Jimmie and Randy went in a different direction and formed the group SILVER. The original bass player, Denny, returned briefly but was later replaced by Brad Rudolf that same year.

In November 1975, drummer Brian Harter (Randy’s younger brother) and Al Cox (bassist) joined Jimmie and Randy from their former group CITY LINE - thus Silver City was born!

As SILVER CITY, Jimmie, Randy, Brian and Al performed as the opening act for a variety of major rock n’ roll talents including TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS, THE BYRDS, THE MARVELLETTES (Mr. Postman), BLUE IMAGE (Ride Captain Ride), SUGARLOAF (Don’t Call Us We’ll Call You), and even WOLF MAN JACK!

In 1980, SILVER CITY released their first album, OUR TEAM under the BALDWIN STUDIO’S label with songs like the ever popular “Alligator Song.” Other cuts from the album included “I’ll Get You Back,” “Throwaway Girls,” “Liquor’s Quicker,” “Crossfire,” “Mister Know It All,” “Nobody’s Man,” and “Our Team.”

Ten years later saw the release of SILVER CITY’S second album, STICK IT IN (under a new label, STUDIO 213) - a power driven rock n’ roll masterpiece. From the cover song “Stick It In” to hardcore cuts like “Big Bad Wolf” and “I’m Getting Old,” the entire album leaves the listener in no doubt of the bands capabilities to rock! Also included are “Hearts Are Blue,” “Big Time,” “Tambourine Man,” “Lonely Ones” and “What Would You Say?.”

In 1992, a third album was released called, “ANTHOLOGY” (also STUDIO 213 label), which is a combination of the first two albums plus includes 3 live bonus tracks - definitely a must have for any rock n’ roll music buff!

In 1995, Al Cox retired from the band to pursue other interests. He was replaced by bassist Craig Smith. While a superb bass player, Craig lacked vocals so in 2004, he was replaced by Brad Rudolf.

In 2006, Brad left the band to pursue other interests, and was replaced by Mike Moritz.

Mike left the band in 2008, and Silver City has come full circle and re-united the original bass player, Denny Clark.

Denny also was the founding member of Chicken Clark's Road Apple Rodeo.

SILVER CITY ROCK N’ ROLL BAND has played and toured numerous venues over the years throughout its home state of Pennsylvania as well as up and down the East Coast.

Besides being a favorite choice at local bars and restaurants, the guys have been booked into play The Van-In at the Orlando Sports Stadium in Orlando, Florida, Whirlways in Putland, Vermont and The Hurricane in Wildwood, New Jersey to name but a few.

You’ll also find SILVER CITY a popular selection at festivals and other special events. Jimmie, Randy, Brian, and Denny can be found rocking crowds in venues like the Colonial Beach Dragway in Colonial Beach, Virginia; Kipona - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; The Hershey Convention Center - Hershey, PA; Virginia State Fairgrounds - Richmond, Virginia and Penn State University - York, PA...the list is endless!

When they aren’t playing gigs and rehearsing, these band members aren’t ones to rest on their laurels! For example, Jimmie not only has a full-time job but he and his brother, Phil, (also a musician), own Market Street Music in Mechanicsburg, PA.

Jimmie is also known for his publication in “After Touch”, a Yamaha user’s group publication for the DX7 sounds!

If you like rock n’ roll, you’ll love SILVER CITY ROCK N’ ROLL BAND! Read through the profile, listen to some of the tunes and check out the website! The guys love to hear from you so be sure to leave them a comment or drop them a message! Get ready to rock n’ roll!

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